Protect Yourself From Insect Bites When You Work With Horses


If you spend a great deal of time outdoors around horses, whether for work or for pleasure, you should consider investing in some insect repellent clothing. Horses attract horseflies and can easily pick up ticks while grazing. Here are a few things you need to know about your risks of insect bites while working around horses and how to get the best protection from insect repellent clothing

Horseflies & Ticks

After spending even a small amount of time around horses, you know that horseflies are always around horses. Horseflies feed by biting horses to get protein from their blood. They reproduce in horse manure, which is why they are particularly in abundance in pastures where horse manure is not removed. Horseflies also bite humans, so you'll want to protect yourself from their bites by wearing insect repellent clothing. 

Ticks can be a problem when you work with horses due to ticks jumping onto horses as they graze or lay in the grass. Then, when you get near the horses, the ticks can jump onto you. Also, you can pick up ticks while walking through the pasture to bridle a horse. Tick bites put you at risk of developing Lyme disease, so you'll want to be protected by insect repellent clothing.

Insect Repellent Clothing 

There are a number of different insect repellent clothing options to choose from. Most have chemicals and insecticides built into the fibers of the fabric. There are options, however, that do not use chemicals or insecticides of any kind. This type of insect repellent clothing is made of super-fine mesh material that prevents insects from biting through to puncture your skin. 

Insect repellent clothing should fit rather snug so insects are unable to get underneath the fabric to reach your skin, particularly at the ends of the sleeves, legs, torso, and neck openings. Also, you can achieve near-complete head-to-toe coverage by overlapping the edges of the top and bottom clothing pieces with gloves, socks, and hoods. 

If you are concerned about overheating in insect repellent clothing, select the super-fine mesh material type as it also acts as a moisture-wicking layer to help keep you cool in the heat. It works by wicking your sweat off of your skin and onto the fabric. There, the moisture will not evaporate as quickly as it would when it's directly on your exposed skin, which effectively provides your body with natural cooling in addition to protection from insect bites. 


15 July 2022

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