How To Choose A Men's Grey Zippered Fitness Hoodie


What should you look for in a men's grey zippered fitness hoodie? Before you buy new gear for your guy (or for yourself), take a look at the questions to ask.

Where Will He Wear the Hoodie?

There's an obvious answer to this question—fitness activities. But whether your father, son, boyfriend, friend, or yourself needs this piece of athletic apparel, they may also choose to wear the hoodie to other places.

If he'll wear the sweatshirt style top to the gym, for basketball practice, jogging, or for another similar activity, performance is crucial. You'll want something that wicks sweat, is breathable, and has a comfortable fit. Men who also want to wear their hoodies for social occasions may put a higher priority on the form (the look of the top) over its function.

What Type of Fit Does He Prefer?

Does your guy (or do you) prefer a slim, close fit or a looser style? Comfort is crucial in athletic apparel. If the guy will wear the hoodie for a sport, training, or at the gym, he needs to move freely. While a fitted hoodie may have a contemporary style, it could restrict his workout.

How Is the Hoodie Sized?

Now that you know what type of fit he prefers, it's time to move on to the next step and match his preferences to the brand's sizing. A medium isn't a universal medium for all brands. To find a true fit, you need to match his usual shirt size, measurements, height, weight, and style choices to what the manufacturer offers.

Some manufacturers provide fit size information on a website or the product's tag. If you can't find the specifications, look for reviews from real customers. Avoid generic comments, and research what other men have to say about the fit. This can help you to make comparisons and judge what will fit your guy correctly.

What Color Does He Prefer In a Hoodie?

A men's grey zippered athletic hoodie could have a light hue, medium grey, or a deep, darker shade. If you want to buy the special guy in your life a new hoodie, find out what color of grey he prefers.

Along with overall light, medium, or dark grey color preference, consider where your guy will wear the hoodie and how active he'll get. A lighter grey may spotlight sweat during a vigorous workout, while a darker color can hide these marks.


30 September 2020

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