How To Order Custom Rugby Uniforms


Rugby is a sport that originated in England, but today it's enjoyed by many people all over the world. Rugby is a competitive sport that can build teamwork and coordination. It's also a lot of fun. Team uniforms are a great way to unify your players and promote a cohesive identity. When looking for team uniforms, consider ordering custom apparel for a truly unique look. Here are four steps to follow when ordering custom rugby uniforms:

1. Choose men's or women's apparel.

Rugby uniforms come in men's and women's styles. The cut of women's clothing is different from that of men's clothing. Women's clothing makes use of darts and flared pattern pieces to accommodate women's larger breasts and hips. Before you start customizing your apparel, you first need to select the appropriate style. Co-ed rugby teams can order both men's and women's jerseys.

2. Pick the right material.

Next, select the right type of fabric for your jerseys. If you prefer an all-natural fabric, cotton rugby uniforms are available. Cotton is a comfortable, breathable fabric. When preshrunk, cotton can be washed and dried in the dryer without issue. However, cotton can retain sweat, which may be problematic when playing in hot climates. Polyester rugby uniforms are another option. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that wicks sweat away from the skin. Fitted polyester uniforms can keep your players dry and comfortable, preventing sweat-related chafing. Each type of fabric has its upsides and downsides.

3. Have your rugby jerseys customized.

When you're on the field, you need to be able to identify your teammates at a glance. Custom rugby uniforms will let you know who's on your team. Your rugby jerseys can be customized with your team name and logo. Some players also enjoy having their last names printed on the back of their jerseys. Simply provide your custom rugby uniform designer with clear instructions and the appropriate names. If you want your team logo on your jerseys, provide a large image file for the printer. Your rugby uniform designer will take care of the rest.

4. Purchase customized shorts.

Consider purchasing customized rugby shorts as well. While rugby jerseys are the focal point for other players and spectators, custom shorts can provide a clean appearance. Matching shorts will make your team look stylish. As an added bonus, rugby shorts are made from performance fabrics that will stand up to the rigors of rugby games.


8 September 2020

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