Why It's Worth Paying More For A Full Grain Leather Belt


When shopping for belts, you will quickly notice that they come at a wide range of price points. Full-grain leather belts tend to be some of the most expensive. Your first instinct may be to assume they are overpriced or not worth it, but that's not really the case. When you pay more for a full-grain leather belt, you get more. Here are some advantages of full-grain leather belts that make them well with the higher price tag.

Full-grain leather is more breathable

Full-grain leather is basically made from the outer, top layer of the hide. This top layer is more breathable than deeper layers of the hide. You don't realize how nice it is to wear a breathable belt until it's suddenly 90 degrees outside and you're stuck wearing pants. In a breathable, full-grain leather belt, you are less likely to get that band of uncomfortably warm, sweaty skin around your waist.

Full-grain leather belts can also be made thinner than other leather belts because this sort of leather is so strong. This also adds to the belt's comfort and breathability.

Full-grain leather is really durable

As mentioned above, full-grain leather is really strong, which means a belt made from this leather will last longer than one made from cheaper material. While it may not seem like a belt would suffer all that much wear and abuse, actually, the pull of the peg on the hole all day, every day can cause cheaper leather to stretch and tear rather quickly. A full-grain leather belt could well last you for the rest of your life, which means it's worth paying a little more.

Full-grain leather ages well

Cheaper pieces of leather tend to start looking worn, stretched, and stained as they age. Full-grain leather, on the other hand, tends to develop more of an attractive patina. It doesn't get stained as easily as other leather since the outer layer is less permeable. The material absorbs oils more evenly, too, which keeps it from getting that streaky appearance when you condition it. Your belt will not only still be around in a decade, but it will look nice and be very wearable.

Full-grain leather belts are priced higher than other leather belts, but they are not over-priced. When you buy this type of belt, you're buying a great product and one that's worth the cost.

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18 August 2020

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