Two Situations In Which You Should Use A Clothing Alteration Service


If you know of a talented tailor or seamstress in your area who does clothing alterations and you are in a situation like one of those described here, you should use this person's alterations service.

You had a baby recently and your body has changed

If you had a baby recently, you have probably found that your body looks quite different from the way it did before you got pregnant. This might be the case, even if you have lost every ounce of the 'baby weight' you gained whilst pregnant and are the same clothing size you were prior to having a child. This is because carrying and giving birth to a baby can profoundly change your body; your ribs may seem a bit wider, for example, and your abdomen may protrude more than it used to (if you have diastasis recti). Additionally, you may find that you have stretch marks and that your bust size has gone up or down.

In this situation, you should have your clothing altered. For example, if the waistband of your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans feels too tight because you have diastasis recti, but the other areas of the jeans fit perfectly and you don't, therefore, want to size up, then you could have the tailor or seamstress extend the waistband a little bit so that it accommodates your slightly protruding abdomen.

Similarly, if your bust has decreased in size, you might find that your blouses and sweaters gape quite a lot. In this situation, the tailor or seamstress could take in these garments or add extra buttons so that you don't expose more of this area than you would like to.

You've started wearing vintage clothing

If you have taken a liking to vintage clothing and have begun to wearing mostly vintage pieces, then you should definitely befriend your local tailor or seamstress and avail of their clothing alternations service. The reason for this is as follows; whilst vintage clothing is often well-made, it is also 'of its time', meaning that it is not always suitable for modern life.

For example, you may have a handmade vintage corset that you find very beautiful, but which might not be practical to wear in its current form, if you like to eat hearty meals (as having a very full stomach could hurt when you're wearing a corset) or have a physically active hobby (as you might feel too breathless or inflexible to do this activity). In this situation, the tailor or seamstress could replace the existing laces with longer ones that would allow you to wear the corset more loosely or they may insert some bodice material into the corset that would allow you to breathe, eat and move around more easily whilst wearing it.


16 July 2020

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