Sustainable Swimwear And Why You Need It!


It is no secret that the Earth is constantly changing due to our actions and inaction. Humans are trying to become "greener" by doing things that help protect the planet and reduce the carbon footprint. This is done in countless ways, from reducing emissions to recycling products. Over the past few decades, there has been a large push for sustainable clothing. With summer quickly approaching, there are several reasons to consider purchasing sustainable swimwear. Sustainable swimsuits are incredibly cute and trendy and help protect our environment. 

What does it mean to be "sustainable?"

Sustainable swimsuits are made from recycled materials. This has a couple of benefits to the planet. First, it leaves less waste as it utilizes a product that already exists. When recycled materials are used, fewer natural resources are needed to create the new material. Items that are commonly used in sustainable materials include (but are not limited to) plastic, nylon, and fabric.

Nontoxic dyes are used to color sustainable swimwear, and it is only manufactured at places committed to not creating a lot of needless waste. The places that make this swimwear also stick to stringent environmental regulations.

Why is it a good idea to purchase sustainable swimwear?

Regular swimwear is made from synthetic materials. When making these materials, natural resources are depleted and pollution occurs. This synthetic material also is not biodegradable. It won't break down over time, so the bathing suit you wear today will be around long after you are gone.

Since the material of regular swimwear is synthetic, it has plastic microfibers that are shed when the suit is washed. These teeny tiny fibers get into the waterways and pollutes them. Every time you swim your suit also sheds the fibers. This pollution is obviously not good for the waterways.  

Sustainable swimwear does it's best to try to decrease the synthetic materials used in regular swimwear. This means less plastic makes it to the ocean.

What else can be done to help with water pollution?

There are also special bags that can be used in the washing machine to help reduce the number of microfibers that escape your swimsuits. These bags act like a filter and catch the microfibers before they can escape. Then you can dispose of them appropriately and they won't pollute the waterways.

Everyone can do their part to help protect the environment. Purchasing sustainable swimwear will ensure that you are helping make a difference and you will look fabulous! Look for sustainable swimwear on websites like


1 April 2020

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