Three Custom "Straight Outta" T-Shirts That Can Be Fun To Wear


If you want a custom T-shirt that has a fun design, you have the ability to come up with an entirely original design, partner with a graphic artist, and then send this design to a T-shirt printing company. Other option is to use a popular T-shirt theme, customize it to suit your wishes, and then order T-shirts with this theme. If the latter idea appeals to you, you might want to consider a design with a "Straight Outta" theme. Rap group NWA popularized this idea with its "Straight Outta Compton" album, and there has recently been a biopic about this group of the same name. You'll often see "Straight Outta" T-shirts with different words below the phrase. If you're interested in making this type of t-shirt, here are some custom ideas to consider.

Straight Outta (Grade)

If you're looking for a fun T-shirt to give your child upon his or her completion of a certain grade at school, consider making up a design that includes the "Straight Outta" wording and the child's grade. For example, at the conclusion of the fourth grade, you might give your child a custom T-shirt that reads, "Straight Outta Fourth Grade." This can be a fun design, and you can expect that your son or daughter will enjoy wearing the garment throughout the summer.

Straight Outta (Location)

A lot of people have a deep sense of pride in their community, city, and state, and this may be an idea to pursue when you're having a custom T-shirt made. This is a concept that pairs well with the "Straight Outta" design. For example, you might design a shirt that reads "Straight Outta Charlotte" or "Straight Outta North Carolina" if you're a resident of this city or state. This can be a fun shirt to wear when you're out and about in your area, and it's also perfect for when you travel to a different state and want to put your state pride on display.

Straight Outta (Year)

Another idea that uses the "Straight Outta" theme is to include your birth year. For example, if you were born in 1985, a custom T-shirt that says "Straight Outta 1985" will tell everyone when you were born. This can be a fun shirt to get for yourself, and it can also be a good birthday gift for someone. If you have a young child and you're looking for an age-specific garment for him or her to wear, your custom T-shirt company may even have onesies and other types of infant attire on which you can place your custom design. 

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27 February 2020

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