If You Run One Of These Businesses, Consider Flannel Shirts As Your Employees' Uniforms


When you operate a business, choosing the uniforms that your staff members wear is important. While some stores opt to give their employees nametags instead of uniforms, there are plenty of advantages of outfitting your team in uniforms. A big benefit is that they're easy to spot from across the store, which can allow your customers to seek help when they need it. There are many different approaches that you can take to choosing uniforms, but one option is to choose flannel shirts. Flannel shirts are a popular garment for men, and many women enjoy wearing this type of shirt, too. Here are some businesses that can benefit from this type of uniform.

Outdoors Retailer

People often think of the outdoors when they see a flannel shirt — after all, this garment is a popular one for anglers, hunters, and hikers. If you run an outdoor retailer, flannel shirts for your employees can be a good choice. This type of uniform will help them to look the part; a salesperson wearing a flannel shirt in the fishing department of your store, for example, will definitely look suitable. It's ideal to choose a specific type of flannel pattern so that your employees stand out from customers who may also be wearing flannel.

Western-Style Restaurant

Restaurant owners take a wide range of approaches to determining the uniforms for their servers. While black uniforms are often a trademark of high-end establishments, those that offer a casual environment will usually have uniforms that are a little more upbeat. If you run a western-style restaurant — perhaps one that specializes in barbecue fare — flannel shirts can be a perfect choice for your servers. These garments will likely match well with the rustic decorations that you have around the restaurant, such as wooden booths and perhaps some outdoor gear mounted on the walls.

Pumpkin Patch

Flannel shirts are especially popular during the fall when people require a little more in the way of clothing but may not yet need to wear a coat. If you operate a pumpkin patch, flannel shirts can be an ideal uniform choice for your employees. They'll be working outside, so they'll appreciate the warmth that this garment offers when the temperatures are cool and windy. Visually, a flannel shirt definitely conjures up images of farming — which can make your employees look the part as they assist customers and lead tours for school children.

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6 February 2020

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