Is Your Senior Mom Preparing For An Upcoming Revival? 3 Tips To Pick Her Out A Church Dress That Makes Her Spirit Sing


Revival week is an important time at your mom's church when she will likely be engaged in evangelistic services that help to inspire and revive her religious commitments. While your senior mom may know that her spirituality is more important than what she wears, it also feels good for her to look her best when she visits her place of worship. Your mom may also be concerned about what she wears if she plays a prominent role in the service such as singing a song. Now that she's all excited about the upcoming revival, you can show her that you care by using these three tips to pick out church dresses that she'll love wearing to the inspirational services.

Consider Her Current Style

Your mom may need a new dress or two, but that doesn't mean that she's ready to completely change her style. Take a look at dresses that your mom has worn in the past, and take note of the different features. Do they have a well-defined waist? Or, perhaps the dresses have long sleeves with flares at the end. You'll also want to take a look at the hem line to see where she prefers it to hit. For instance, many dresses hit just below the knee, but your mom may also like something that comes further down her calf. Finding women's church suits that fit her style helps you feel confident that she'll love it.

Pick Out an Eye-catching Color

Revivals are a time when the people who visit a place of worship are invited to let their inner spirits shine. Consider looking for a dress in a bold color that matches your mom's skin tone and the colors for the season. For instance, a canary yellow dress looks beautiful in the spring, or your mom may just adore an emerald green dress for the summer and fall. A classic red or purple dress is also one that is likely to be in style all year long, and your mom can look forward to wearing it again after the revival is over.

Look for Matching Accessories

Church suits for women are meant to give them an instantly pulled together look, and you can make this even better by looking for matching accessories. Your mom might love a dress that also has a matching hat that she can use to top off her style. Alternatively, your mom may prefer a pair of matching shoes or a belt that helps tie it all together.


27 January 2020

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