Are You Honored To Wear Your Mother's Vintage Wedding Dress But Worried About Seeming Old Fashioned? 3 Alteration Tips To Follow


The tradition of passing down a wedding gown adds a beautiful touch to your nuptials, and it is an honor for your mother to trust you with her former wedding dress. While your mom might have looked lovely in the dress on her wedding day, it is also possible that the gown that you thought was so beautiful is now a little bit out of date. Wedding dress styles tend to change over the years, and you can update your mom's dress with alterations that allow you to give the gown a more modern look. As you try on your mom's dress, consider these three wedding dress alterations that can transform your gown to fit your personal style.

Redesign the Sleeves

Wedding dress sleeve alterations make a huge difference in the final look of the gown. Your mom's dress may have huge, puffy sleeves that make your arms look huge, or they may simply be too long for you to enjoy wearing during an outdoor wedding. You can have the sleeves completely removed to create a more comfortable style that shows off just enough skin. Alternatively, you could have oversized sleeves made smaller so that they fit in better with the rest of the dress's design.

Make a Neckline Adjustment

Necklines are another area where a dress tends to show its age. In the past, women tended to go with more modest dresses. It's still fairly common to find vintage dresses with a high neckline that may draw too much attention to your chin or make you feel like a stodgy schoolmarm. If your mom was a free spirit, then you might also find that the neckline is too low for your liking. When you go for your first alteration session, have a few ideas in mind for how you want the neck to look. For instance, an illusion neckline can be created to make a low cut bodice feel a little more modest without having to cover up your entire neck.

Consider a Shorter Hem Line

Your mom's long gown may also feel too formal for your wedding. Hem lines are often adjusted during most wedding gown alterations, and you can ask the tailor to bring it up a little more. Today's brides are often wearing dresses that hit around the knee line, and this can show off your sense of style without having to drastically change your mom's entire gown. If you choose a shorter hem line, make sure to bring the shoes that you plan to wear to your wedding to the alterations appointment so that the dress is shortened to a perfect fit. 


23 January 2020

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