4 Ideas For Custom Team Apparel And Accessories


Sports are a healthy, fun experience at any age. If you play in an adult sports league, you and your teammates have the advantage of disposable income. You can use some of your income to bring your team closer together by investing in custom apparel and accessories. With the help of a custom team logo apparel supply company, you can put your team's name and logo on almost any item you can think of. Here are a few ideas that all types of sports teams can enjoy:

1. Invest in custom team shirts.

Looking like a team can help your group feel more cohesive and play better during your games. You can have apparel custom-made to feature your team's logo. Simply find a screen printing company that offers custom designs. Make sure you have a clear image of your team's logo since your screen printer will need it when designing your shirts. In general, higher resolution is better, since it will result in better image quality on your team's shirts.

2. Consider printing stickers.

Team stickers are a great way to advertise your team and attract people to your games. Stickers can be used to customize all manner of products. Water bottles, binders, laptops, and notebooks can all be quickly and easily turned into team merchandise with screen printed stickers. You may be able to order stickers from the same screen printing company that printed your team shirts. If so, they can likely use the same image of your team logo, which will make the entire process easier on you.

3. Apply your logo to hats and visors.

Sun protection is always important. It's especially important when your team is practicing in the sun for hours on end. You can help your team protect themselves from harmful ultraviolet radiation with custom team hats. Baseball caps are a stylish way to keep the sun off your face, and your team's logo can be applied to the front of the hat. For people who prefer a little extra ventilation, visors are a good option.

4. Throw a fundraiser.

Even if your team doesn't travel for games, you will still have expenses. Sports equipment needs to be purchased, replaced, and maintained. You may even need to rent practice space for your games. You can help defray your costs by throwing a fundraiser. Have your screen printing company print up some extra branded apparel and sell it to raise money for your team.


20 January 2020

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