How To "Cowboy Up" Your Everyday Style


Do you have a job ranching, working cattle, or training horses? Chances are, your work apparel makes you look like a real cowboy. But what about the apparel you wear everyday? Do you find yourself wishing your everyday, nonwork clothing did a better job of conveying your rancher image? If so, you'll benefit from these tips to help cowboy up your everyday style.

Switch to boot-cut jeans

Skinny jeans may be in style these days, but they have a decidedly non-cowboy look. You can't put them over boots, and they look kind of silly shoved into cowboy boots. Say goodbye to those skinny jeans, and instead start buying boot-cut jeans. You may need to stop shopping in department stores and instead shop from dedicated brands like Cowboy Up Apparel in order to find good ones. Try them on to make sure there's enough room at the bottoms of the legs for your boots. Also make sure they have belt loops, since no cowboy look is complete without a belt and a belt buckle!

Look for stitching accents

When shopping for anything from jeans to blouses, look for little accents that make the clothing look more cowboy-like. Stitching really does the trick. Fat stitches made from thick, light-colored thread on darker material really stand out. You'll also find some shirts, jackets, and pants made from light-colored material with thick, dark stitches. 

Add some snaps and hardware

Snaps and hardware can give some of your apparel a bit of an edgier look that walks the line between cowboy and metal. You might find button-downs with big, brass buttons or some pants with more obvious rivets. This type of style is perfect for a night out when you want to look like a tough cowboy. Just make sure that you buy clothing with matching rivets. You don't really want to wear a shirt with brass buttons and pants with brushed nickle rivets. Many men find it's helpful to pick one metal and make it theirs. Choose nickle if you like a more subdued look, and choose brass or oil-rubbed bronze if you like something bolder and more rugged.

Get some graphic tees for casual looks

Graphic tees may have gone out of contemporary fashion a few years ago, but they are still very much in style in the cowboy world. They're a good option when you want to dress down but still give off that country vibe. Look for shirts that say things like "Cowboy Up" and "Real Cowboys Do It Better." These often have floral designs and other unique drawings on them. Buy a couple of different colors so you can dress in a color that suits your mood.

Add some plaid

Plaid is a mainstay in a real cowboy's closet! Nobody will mistake you for a city-dweller when you show up in a thick, plaid shirt. Look for more rugged plaids, like ones with some black or brown in the pattern. You can get more than just plaid shirts, too. There are some really cool plaid snow pants that would be perfect for hitting the slopes or riding your snowmobile. You might even find a winter jacket in plaid that can help you preserve your cowboy look even in the chilly winter months. Again, look for one with rivets or buttons to give off that rougher look.

If your daily look needs to be a bit more cowboy-esque, then the tips in this article will help you achieve this. It's all about changing the brands you buy from and slowly collecting clothing elements that make you feel more like your true cowboy self. 


17 January 2020

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