Help Your Daughters To Become Strong Women


Did it take you awhile to reach the self confidence you have now? Or, maybe you were blessed with parents who helped you to be strong and confident from the time you were a little girl. Either way, maybe you are looking for ways that can help your own daughters to become strong, self confident women.

You probably have already thought of many ways you can do that. However, you also might be thinking of new ideas to add to your list. If so, you've come to the right place. Read on for some ideas that might help you to inspire your daughters.

Shop for Motivational Apparel - What an individual wears can certainly send a message to others. In addition, the person wearing the motivational item can be reminded of what the message says to do. Here are just a few ideas of motivational T-shirts that aren't just attractive, but they are fun to wear.

  • Pain Is Just Weakness Leaving Your Body
  • You Become What You Believe
  • Reach Into Your Brain And Pull Out Your Potential
  • Follow In The Path Of Those Who Have Walked

Another idea is for you and your daughters to design your own motivational T-shirts. These messages might get you started.

  • Don't Just Talk It - Do It!
  • Be An Amelia Earhart Kind Of Woman
  • Make Your Future Count
  • You Can Do Anything You Want To Do - Just Make Your Plan!

Of course, wearing motivational apparel is only part of what will make your daughters strong women. Think of other things you can do to help them become leaders and strong followers. 

  • Besides being on sports teams, would any of your daughters also enjoy helping younger girls with things like learning how to be better at their own sport? If so, maybe they could volunteer as coaches on teams in your areas.
  • With summer coming up, perhaps your girls would like to create a fun summer program where younger girls learn new skills? Maybe your daughters could teach things like chess or other brain games.
  • Giving service is probably one of the best ways your girls can learn how to be strong women. With that in mind, think of choosing one or two days a week where you go together to visit people in an assisted living facility. Or, visit shut-ins from your church congregation.

As often as you can, talk about your own experiences that helped you to become a strong woman. You might be your the biggest inspiration in the lives of your daughters. Shop for motivational apparel for your daughters at a company like Algastena.


17 January 2020

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