3 Things Worth Buying Vintage From A Store


Vintage shopping is something that's not only fun to do but it's something that can save you a lot of money. If you consider yourself to be a fashion guru or addict, then you may want to try to dabble a little bit on the vintage scene. The tricky thing about vintage shopping is that it can take a lot of time to hunt down the exact thing that you want. To help narrow down your search and come home with some must-have items, there are three things that are especially worth buying form a vintage store. 


Rings are all the rage right now; especially sterling silver and stone ones. A lot of vintage stores will have vintage sterling silver rings that have a native American flare. When shopping for a ring, just make sure that it's not too small because then it is harder to resize. If it's too large, you can usually take it into a custom jewelry store and they can melt it down for you a little bit so that it fits your finger perfectly. Also, make sure that it's made of a genuine metal like solid gold or solid silver; that way it won't turn your finger green or wear down too quickly. 


Vintage handbags are also something to look into. If you want a designer handbag, you will most likely want to look at a high-end vintage clothing store. These vintage clothing stores tend to carry a bunch of different designer brands including Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Dior, Celine, and more; just make sure that it has an authentication certificate with it before you spend a lot of money on it; that way you know that it's legitimate. 


Band t-shirts can be expensive if you buy them brand new. If you want to have an authentic vintage band t-shirt, then head to a vintage clothing store. Although you may have to sift through a bunch of t-shirts at first, you may come out with one or two of your favorite band t-shirts and the best part is that nobody else will have them. 

Vintage shopping is a fun activity to do either by yourself for with friends on your day off. Even though it does require a lot of time and patience, you can come out with a bunch of treasures to wear. To learn more, reach out to a vintage clothing store near you today. 


17 January 2020

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