Make Sure That Your Luxury Bag Comes With These Accessories


When you shop for a luxury bag, your main considerations will likely be to find a material, pattern, and color that suits you. There's little doubt that the bag needs to suit your tastes visually, but you should also talk to your salesperson to ensure that the luxury bag comes with a handful of valuable accessories. Different retailers offer different accessories with the bag, so it's ideal to choose one in which the following accessories are included with your purchase.

Storage Box

Make sure that the store at which you're shopping will include a proper storage box when you buy your luxury bag. The value of this bag means that you need a safe place to keep it when you're not using it; this isn't the type of bag that you'll simply want to set on the floor of your bedroom closet or hang on a hook mounted to the wall. A proper box will fit the luxury bag perfectly, protecting it from dust and various forms of damage. These boxes are also stylish, so they could be a good adornment to wherever you place yours.

Dust Cover

Of course, you don't want to just drop your luxury bag in its box when you're ready to store it in your home. First, you'll want to carefully slip the bag into a dust cover, which is sometimes also called a dust bag. This monogrammed product is often made of fabric and typically has a drawstring at one end. Once you've placed your bag inside of this cover, you can pull the drawstring tight to help keep dust from sitting on the leather surface of the bag. Choose a retailer that includes the dust cover with the purchase of a new bag.

Rain Cover

A lot of people who carry luxury bags choose to leave their bags at home during inclement weather. Given the investment that you're making in this accessory, exposing it to the rain or snow is not a good idea. If you're ever carrying your bag and inclement weather occurs, you'll be happy to have a rain cover—another accessory that your retailer should ideally include with your purchase. This product is made of clear, weather-resistant material and specifically designed to fit over your bag. Plus, it's easy to fold and store the rain cover in your bag for times when you might need it. It's an integral accessory for protecting the bag from damage.

The next time you buy Hermes Birkin bags, be sure to ask the salesperson for these mentioned accessories. 


6 February 2020

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